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How To Sell A Haunted House

August 11th, 2013 · No Comments

Most people don’t believe on ghost and supernatural presence looming around houses and properties. But we can’t deny the fact that there are many evidences that shows that they are real. And believe it or not, the thought of Haunted houses is a very big factor that can affect the value of the house. If a house is labeled – or even simply rumored – to be a haunted house, it’s value decrease. Sometimes, people even make stories just to decrease the house value. Selling a haunted house is a difficult proposition of course. So if you want to stay out of the Haunted House topic, then you should do actions.

House blessing is the perfect way to be free of the ghosts and supernatural presences. Exorcism is another method of ridding oneself of a nuisance supernatural presence. Be aware that through adverse possession processes, the spirit may actually have legal rights to the house and mediation (as well as a medium) may be in order to resolve the conflict. Do not despair if exorcism does not work. There are other routes for the home seller with an inconvenient spirit. Many spirits are open to other communications, like Morse Code or using the Ouija board. Connect with them and ask them what you need to do to leave the house.

When all else fails, If the house is exceptional you can always deny the rumors and just go on about selling the house. Don’t worry. The family from the city probably won’t even have a home inspection done. If however the issue had been big enough, then you have no choice but to lower the price.

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